Things I Love Thursday XV.

First and foremost, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m not wearing green but I am wearing the claddagh necklace my Dad gave me for Christmas in 2007. I actually wear it every day and have since the day I got it. I wear it running, in the shower, at the beach, to bed, and everywhere in between. I know this probably isn’t recommended but it’s just something I do!

My formal senior photo.

Here’s what has been making me smile this past week:

❤ All As and A-s on my midterm report
❤ Family
❤ We apple shapes are no longer alone
❤ Going to see Coco
❤ Oatmeal
❤ Running
❤ Dreaming about Europe!
❤ Gigantic salads
❤ Endangered kittens born from frozen embryos
❤ The amazing weather here in NYC
❤ Successful Dollar Tree purchases
❤ Getting stronger
❤ Bittersweet Symphony
Leprechaun trap cake
❤ Fresh ripe strawberries
❤ Good laughs
❤ “This song makes me wanna move to Europe and marry a guy with an accent asap!!!”
❤ The anatomy of the cupcake
❤ Unexpected compliments
❤ Luck of the Irish!

Emily ❤

Question: Are you Irish/celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? What has been making you smile?

One response to “Things I Love Thursday XV.

  1. Dinner at Grazi’s. We had greens. : ) ( :
    My display at school rocked!

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