Playing Hooky

To say I’m excited about the weather today would be a complete understatement. I am overly ecstatic and feel so blessed!

70 degrees and sunshine? YES PLEASE!

That smile does not even begin to depict my joy.

It will be a nice day for frozen grapes. I actually thought yesterday would be the perfect day for frozen grapes, and therefore have a grapeless freezer, but today will be an even more perfect day. Note to self: get more grapes.

I’m so tempted to play hooky and go soak up this weather! Dear parents and grandparents, I most likely won’t be doing this. 😉 Although… there are probably plenty of students who are recovering from last night so it’s not like I would be the only one. But no, I won’t do it. Most likely.

Emily ❤

Question: How’s the weather where you are?


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