Cutting It Close

I could not resist going to Central Park this morning for my workout! I had a five mile run planned but once I got there and started running I realized there would be no way I could cut the six mile outer loop on such a gorgeous day. I was feeling speedy so I figured an extra mile wouldn’t take up too much time.

I ended up finishing in 54 minutes which is a 9 minute per mile average pace! I felt so awesome both during and after my run.

As soon as I finished I rushed back to campus, didn’t shower, threw on a dress and sandals, and grabbed my books and an apple arriving to my philosophy class about 10 minutes late. If I hadn’t run that extra mile I probably would’ve been on time but it was so worth it! Besides, we were going over our midterm and my professor was actually using my exam as a reference. I got a 97%! And while we were going over it he noticed a few mistakes so I actually ended up with a +100%!

I still can’t believe this amazing weather! Who knew it could have such a strong impact on my mood. 🙂

Emily ❤

Question: What are you up to this weekend?

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