Playing With Protein

First, this is what I woke up to:


On the bright side, yesterday after class Danielle and I went over to Forever 21 to get her some inexpensive dress pants followed by a trip to Whole Foods! Shopping at Forever 21 is so difficult, I always want to buy everything. At Whole Foods, we ended up eating from the salad bar because neither one of us had eaten lunch and I had a three hour class that I could not attend on an empty belly. So of course I filled my little box with minimal amounts of lettuce and proceeded to stuff it with just about everything labeled vegan. And then I topped it with carrot ginger dressing. And got a vegan chocolate chip cookie on the side. Best lunch ever! I, of course, also picked up some much needed groceries:

-Barbara’s Bakery peanut butter puffins
-Nature’s Path flax plus multibran cereal
-Nature’s Path flax plus raisin bran cereal
-Nature’s Path puffed kamut cereal
-Old Wessex irish oatmeal
-So Delicious unsweeted coconut milk
-Whole Foods brand smooth almond butter
-Whole Foods brand olive hummus
-Whole foods brand whole wheat tortillas
-Dried mango (from bulk)
-Dates (from bulk)
-A trial packet of Vega sport performance protein
-A trial packet of Vibrant Health PureGreen protein

I’ve never tried protein powder and am excited to experiment with it. I never really worried about how much protein I was getting until I read this post by Charlotte. I figured my protein probably added up through the day, and maybe it does, but adding a more concentrated source of protein can’t hurt. Especially after an increase in strenuous exercise or strength training.

Emily ❤

Question: Do you or have you used protein powders? What kinds?


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