Playing Tour Guide

What a fun day it has been! Yesterday I was talking on Facebook with one of my friends, Josie, whom I’ve known for about 11 years. We met at an Inn in Vermont where we spend the 4th of July each year with our families. She informed me that she would be in the city on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art sponsored by her university. Of course we had to meet up!

I met Josie and her two friends in Times Square where we walked around for a while and headed to Famiglia Pizza on 8th and 43rd. Although I didn’t order anything, the food looked outstanding!

I instead opted for some “Nuts 4 Nuts.” Every time I pass a Nuts 4 Nuts stand, I am mezmorized by the wonderful aroma, but for whatever reason I’ve never tried them.

I got a little package of deliciously candied almonds for $2.00 and it was definitely a $2.00 well spent.

I had no trouble finishing the almonds and could probably eat this x 10!

After lunch, I brought the girls to the famed four story Forever 21 which they adored. We probably spent about two hours just browsing through all the clothes, shoes, and accessories. By about 4:00 though, they had to get going back to the Met to make it back on their bus. I was so happy I got to catch up with Josie though!

Danielle was running in Central Park so I met up with her at Rockefeller Center to catch a train back to school. Before we hopped on the subway, we stopped at a little cafe for her to get some fruit and then went to City Sports. I ended up getting this top for $35.00!

It’s been an amazing day!

Now it’s time to get these three papers done…

Emily ❤

Question: With social networking, cellphones, and everything else technological do you find it easier to stay in touch with long distance friends?


2 responses to “Playing Tour Guide

  1. I use social networking to stay in touch with other bloggers! It’s amazing how many cool people I’ve met through my blog that I would consider a “friend.”

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