Long Run Sunday: 12 Miles

Love my new running top!

My 12 mile run in Central Park today was amazing. I was running while the Colon Cancer Challenge was going on and being surrounded by runners and cheering people along with being able to see the times at the mile markers definitely made me push myself! The first few miles were my slowest but by the end I was running sub 9:00 minute miles and feeling awesome. My average pace for the entire run was 9:05 minutes per mile!

This might sound lame but when I finished I had tears in my eyes. I am so amazed with how physically and mentally strong I have become over the past few months and honestly, I couldn’t have done it without the faith I put in God. I felt truly truly blessed.

Anyway, before I left I had an apple and during the run I consumed a banana and a couple of dates which worked really well for me. I walked over to Whole Foods before getting on the subway to grab a bottled water and my favorite flavor Clif Bar!

Seriously, white chocolate macadamia nut it the best!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you believe in/have faith in a God?


2 responses to “Long Run Sunday: 12 Miles

  1. Congrats!! That’s impressive hun. It must be awesome to run with all those racing going on, I’m kinda jealous.

  2. All I can think of is Jean Valjean singing “God on high hear my prayer in my need you have always been there.” That says it all for me. So thankful.
    Love you.

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