Hidden Caffeine

One of the benefits of being required to have an unlimited meal plan is that I have access to the main dining hall as often as I want while still being able to do a meal exchange at a different dining location. Usually my “meal exchanges” consist of bottles of water and cups of cereal that can easily be stashed in the room. Last night I picked up some Cheerios, Chex, and a new flavor of Vitamin Water Zero.

I was totally digging the flavor but around 12:30 I was wondering why I wasn’t at all tired. Looking at the bottle made it obvious. There are 30mg of caffeine in each serving, and the bottle is 2.5 servings. That’s a total equivalent to my cup of coffee each morning! As with most things in life, this will have to be enjoyed moderately.

Despite not being able to fall asleep as early as usual, I was up and at ’em by my usual(ish) 7:15 and off to the gym by 8:00. I did an easy 4 miles at about a 9:15 average pace followed by some much needed stretching.

I have three classes today including a three hour night class which I am not looking forward to. On the bright side tomorrow is Wednesday, my day off!

Emily ❤

Question: How does caffeine affect you?


One response to “Hidden Caffeine

  1. I’m hardly affected at all by caffeine any more…one cup or five, I can’t really tell a difference!

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