Laundry Loathing

One of the worst things about running is the amount of dirty laundry that accumulates over the week. Seriously, I despise doing my laundry. From lugging my hamper to the laundry room, to taking a leap of faith that the washer/dryer I choose actually works, to racing down to the laundry room when my clothes are done to get there before some impatient individual tosses my clothes aside a whole .2 seconds after they are done spinning. Suffice it to say it’s always an experience.

But, it has to get done. And there are few simpler joys than a closet full of fresh, clean, downy-scented clothes. Besides, I’d say running is worth the more-frequent-than-I’d-like trips to the laundry room.

Anyway, it is definitely time for lunch:

I’m craving an enormous salad!

Emily ❤

Question: How do you feel about laundry?

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