Half-Marathon Expo

Today after our classes Danielle and I headed to the More and Fitness magazine half-marathon expo so I could pick up my race number!

There were a bunch of great vendors including Silk, Lady Speed Stick, Thomas’, Gracie’s Gear, The Stick, and more. I also got a goody bag with some cool stuff like magazines, coupons, and samples.

Training for this half-marathon (my first!) has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It has taught me how necessary it is to properly fuel myself and how strong I can be when I do! Throughout high school I played soccer and ran indoor and outdoor track and field, but I honestly never took running seriously. It was more of a social thing my friends and I did to keep in shape. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy running, it was just something I didn’t necessarily see myself doing beyond senior year. If someone had asked me if I thought I could run 13.1 miles a year ago I probably would have laughed in their face at the absurdity of the idea. It is sometimes still surprising to me that running brings me so much joy but I’m so glad it does!

Anyway, after the expo we hit up TJ Maxx where I practiced self-restraint from impulse purchases. Overall though, it was a fun Friday evening! I think I’m planning on staying in tonight and just relaxing. It’s always nice to do that once in a while. Plus I want to be all rested up for when my Mom gets here tomorrow! šŸ™‚

Emily ā¤

Question: What are your plans for the weekend?


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