Running Pains

Now that most of the excitement from yesterday has worn off, I am left only with sore muscles (okay, awesome memories and pictures as well). Once I’m moving I’m fine but getting up from sitting in class for an hour and a half to walk down three flights of stairs was quite the sight, I’m sure. My lower back, glutes, quads, and calves are super tight but I’m sure some time spent resting and stretching will help.

Overall my day has been pretty mellow. I had a leisurely morning followed by lunch and school work at the dining hall. Every time I sit down there, I am seriously bothered by this sign:

Apparently St. John’s has their own opinion on appropriate apostrophe usage…

After lunch I had two classes which were literally a pain to sit through. Sitting for too long irritates my sciatic nerve and makes for an uncomfortably distracting situation.

While heading back to my residence hall, I sifted through my bag to find my student id. After not being able to find it right away, I emptied the contents of my entire bag in hopes that it would be in there somewhere. Unfortunately it wasn’t. So I headed to the dining hall where I’d had it last but it wasn’t there. I went to the public safety building to see if someone had turned it in but no one had. As a last resort before being charged for a new one, I looked through my bag one last time. By some stroke of luck I flipped my computer upside down and voila! It had slid in between the computer and the plastic case! Phew, I’m so glad I found it. That thing is practically my life!

Emily ❤

Question: What’s the most upsetting thing that you’ve ever lost?

2 responses to “Running Pains

  1. I once lost my wallet. That SUCKED.

  2. It’s too upsetting to post.

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