Back To The Gym

I decided one full day of rest after my half-marathon would be enough, I was itching to get my sweat on this morning! I had no problem doing that because although I was only doing a relatively easy interval workout on the elliptical, the gym must have been at least 85 degrees. And no, I am not exaggerating.

I’m so glad I had a tank top on under my snazzy new t-shirt and was able to wear just that because there was no way I could have comfortably gotten through my workout otherwise!

After I was done with the elliptical, I spent plenty of time doing some much-needed stretching. Overall, I’m feeling pretty good!

Also, the weather isn’t too shabby either. I was expecting downpours today but I didn’t even need my umbrella on the way to and from the gym and the temperatures are pretty mild. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Emily ❤

Question: What’s your gym’s climate like?


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