Things I Love Thursday XVIII.

The best thing about Thursday, aside from my Things I Love list, is that tomorrow is Friday! I can’t wait, I have big plans for tomorrow night!

❤ Finishing my first half-marathon
❤ Brunch with my favorites
❤ Houndstooth check
❤ Hahaha, I know a few people who could use these
❤ Packages in the mail
❤ Wearing athletic/lounge clothes more than actual clothes
Egg carton waffles
❤ Honey peanut butter mixed with coconut oil
❤ My roommate trying (and liking!) my coconut milk
❤ Free samples
Seinfeld’s kicks
❤ Dog Days Are Over- Florence & The Machine (I love love love this song!)
❤ Pillow top mattresses
❤ Manhattan in the distance
Art for Japan
❤ “Do you write for the university paper? You write so well, so precise.” (One of the best compliments I’ve ever received!)
❤ Life
❤ Wearing shorts
❤ Slowly but surely an increase in temperature
❤ Seriously cute baby gazelle!
❤ Flowers
❤ Makeshift trailmix
❤ Yay, shopping increases longevity!

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?


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