You’ve Got Mail

Yesterday I was informed that I had a package waiting for me in the mailroom! I went to go pick it up and was pleasantly surprised (well not too surprised because I did order it) with a box from I had purchased a $5.00 for $15.00 Groupon a while back and definitely got a deal on the stuff I bought.

After using my Groupon, I think I ended up having to pay $.13! So for $5.13 altogether, I got a box of Annie’s cinnamon graham bunnies, a box of organic Glutino gluten free chocolate peanut butter bars, and a Kind bar.

So far I’ve only tried one of the Glutino bars and it was decent. It definitely reminded me of the Quaker chewy bars I was so fond of as a kid but maybe a little less sweet and healthier in terms of the ingredients used.

I could totally go for more chocolate chips in it because more chocolate makes everything better, right? Overall though, I will definitely enjoy the rest of the box.

Anyway, at the gym today I had planned on and easy three miles on the treadmill. Once I got to three though I felt like doing four. And then five. Five miles and a good stretch was perfectly satisfying. 🙂

Emily ❤

Question: Do you ever order food in the mail? My favorite food website is!


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