Productive Weekend

Whew, today has been a productive day! I started it off with a 6 mile loop in Central Park followed by a trip to Whole Foods for some coffee and coconut water. After I got back to school, showered, and had lunch, I glued myself to a chair in one of the computer labs and got stuff done. I made some huge progress with a paper that isn’t even due for a few weeks! I took breaks to hang out with my friend Lizzy, get coffee with Mike, and then grab dinner with Danielle, but other than that I’ve been a busy bee!

Actually come to think of it, this whole weekend was pretty productive. I labeled countries, bodies of water, and political organizations followed by coloring for three different maps yesterday:

Coloring for my comparative political systems class is my cheap therapy.

Also blogworthy, I recently tried this Odwalla chocolate peanut butter protein bar. It is like a brownie with peanut butter chocolate chips mixed in.

SO good!

I tried heating it up in the microwave and I highly recommend you do the same if you ever are in possession of this particular flavor Odwalla bar. After 15 seconds it was pretty much like a warm and chewy brownie straight from the oven. Perfect with some ice cold vanilla coconut milk on the side!

I’m off to relax for the rest of the night, one and a half weeks until Easter break! Woo!

Emily ❤

Question: When is the last time you colored something?

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