Monday Morning, You Sure Look Fine

With weather like this on a Monday how could I not reference Fleetwood Mac? When I got up to go to the gym earlier the weather seemed kind of bleak but now there are blue skies, sunshine, and warmth! At the gym I completed a mile warmup on the treadmill and was going to focus mainly on stretching and strength exercises but once I hopped off the treadmill someone was getting off my favorite elliptical. I couldn’t resist a 20 minute interval workout on it! Eventually I did a ton of stretching and some ab exercises but for whatever reason I just wasn’t loving strength or lifting.

Anyway, I wasn’t feeling shorts or a dress today but I was feeling sandals which became the base of my outfit:

Sandals from TJ Maxx, leggings probably from Forever 21, tank from NY&Co., sweater from NY&Co.

I only have one class today because my theology class got cancelled. Again. Is that surprising? Most definitely not. On the bright side, that’s an extra hour and a half I can spend outside!

Emily ❤

Question: What’s the weather like where you are?

2 responses to “Monday Morning, You Sure Look Fine

  1. Monday classes being cancelled is a GOOD thing!! Cute sandals!

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