Things I Love Thursday XIV.

After Friday, Thursday is probably my favorite day of the week. I always look forward to reflecting on the little things that have brought me joy over the past seven days and it amazes me how much happens in a week! Anyway, here’s my weekly compilation:

❤ Cookies!
❤ Top ten thoughts during the Boston Marathon
❤ Hugslut
❤ "Cream of tartare"
❤ Being called Mrs. Dash
Banana sculptures
❤ Eating through NYC list
❤ Registering for the Run for the Parks race
❤ Facebook wall post: "more cookies….pleaseeeee"
❤ HUGE salads
Cakes baked in lemons
❤ Singing in the car (one of the things I miss most being in NYC)
❤ Whale or goose shaped cookie cutters
❤ Beautiful weather
❤ Small world moments
❤ The beach at night
❤ Soda explosion at the grocery store
❤ Such cool photos!
❤ Summer plans
❤ Mom coming for Palm Sunday
❤ Cocoa butter lotion
❤ The combination of peanut butter and banana

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?


3 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XIV.

  1. I’m jealous. Next thing you know you’ll have a warm day at the beach!
    Don’t forget the sunscreen. : )

  2. And reading my blog right? Just kidding 😉

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