Friday Night Recap & Race Number Pickup

Last night, Danielle and I went out with some friends.

Summed up in one word, the night was fabulous!

Today we headed to the upper east side to pick up our race numbers for the City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks 4 mile race from NYRR. Before we hopped on the subway though we stopped at a wonderful bagel place where I got a deliciously chewy and dense pumpernickel bagel.

Getting our numbers was quick and easy but my bib says my pace is 10:15 and last time I checked I could run a half-marathon at an average pace of 8:53. I asked if I would be required to start with the 10 minute pace group and the woman I talked to said yes. Apparently there was nothing she could change at that moment but whatever pace I run this race at should automatically update my pace for other races. Before we left however, the woman said to bring proof of my previous pace and she would see if anything could be done about it tomorrow. It’s not a huge deal, but my fingers are crossed that Danielle and I can start somewhat near each other!

After walking around for a while in the drizzly weather, we headed back to campus. We stopped in the dining hall so I could get my veggie fix in the form of a monstrous salad along with a few tater tots. Tater tots = me living on the edge. 🙂

My day has been pretty low-key and relaxing. I think I will finish filling out some applications for various things that I will probably discuss in the future along with working on some homework.

Also, I have good news to share: I officially picked up a minor in theology! Why? Well, I actually really enjoy theology and because we are required to take 3 theology classes already, adding a minor in theology isn’t a hugely difficult endeavor.

Emily ❤

Question: What would you do about the wrong pace bib thing? Did you or are you minoring in anything?


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