Things I Love Thursday XV.

❤ Being home
❤ Cheya
❤ Cute Boutiques
❤ Gu samples in the mail
❤ Fabulous food
What The Hell
❤ Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie
❤ My first time trying kombucha
❤ Wegmans
Sincerely, Grammar
❤ The co-op
❤ Natur-tyme
❤ Lipgloss
❤ Hahaha why?
❤ Having fun
❤ Bunny ears at the Dollar Tree
❤ Going out
❤ City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks
❤ Cards and cupcakes
Kitty tummies vs. puppy tummies
❤ Compliments
❤ Wishes
❤ 6 miles at the gym, last mile in 7:40!
❤ Vegan mozzarella sticks
❤ Strong Hearts Cafe with Mom

❤ Emily

Question: What has been making you smile?


One response to “Things I Love Thursday XV.

  1. What has been making me smile?
    Having a wonderful visit to NYC and having you home for a couple of days.

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