Happy Easter

Happy Easter! My Dad and I went to our church’s sunrise service this morning which is held outside. The weather was absolutely perfect for it and the chirping birds made it feel officially spring-like. Finally!

I am currently on a bus headed back to the Big Apple but my short break at home was definitely enjoyable.

Most of yesterday was spent like this:

Sick me fighting for space on the couch with a spoiled little puppy.

So smiley!

For dinner last night I made cornmeal crusted seitan marsala with brown rice and a salad.

I didn’t really follow a recipe, I just combined wheat gluten with veggie broth and soy sauce, baked it in the oven, dredged the pieces in flour then cornmeal, and cooked in a pan with a little oil and wine.

I always cook rice in veggie broth which makes it much more flavorful. After the rice was cooked I put it into a dish along with the seitan and then poured a marsala wine roux over it all and popped it into the oven for a few minutes. It was missing the more authentic taste of sauteed mushrooms but overall it was pretty good.

My parents must have thought so too because they seriously devoured this! My Mom is no stranger to seitan but it was my Dad’s first time trying it and he loved it!

Anyway, before getting to the bus station my Mom and I made a pitstop at Wegmans for some (hopefully) cold fighting kombucha. I bought the gingerade and multigreen flavors and I loved the gingerade. My Mom loved it too so I left it with her and went with the multigreen which I really liked as well.

Let’s hope this trip is a quick one!

Emily ❤

Question: Favorite means of transportation? I can’t say buses are in my top 3…


2 responses to “Happy Easter

  1. First off- LOVE wegmans. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    Second- your pup is ADORABLE
    third is this kombucha stuff really good? ive been hearin some buzz on it

    • Yes! Wegmans is the best! This was actually only my second time drinking a whole bottle of kombucha, my first being Thursday when I tried the cranberry flavor (not a huge fan), so I can’t really vouch for its effectiveness. BUT the gingerade flavor is delicious and although it could be all in my head, I did actually feel a little better while/after drinking my multi-green bottle. 😀

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