Things I Love Thursday XVI.

❤ Sandals and dress weather
❤ Freshly painted toenails
❤ Taking an impromptu "rest day"
❤ Gingerade kombucha
Graffiti cocktail shaker
❤ New workout songs
❤ Sushi
❤ Party planning
❤ "What do you like to do on your Tuesday nights?"
❤ Exciting weekend ahead
❤ Knowing I WILL get all my work done
❤ Registering for the Boilermaker
❤ Baking and more baking
❤ Chirping birds
❤ Born This Way
My cute puppy!
❤ New heart rate app
❤ Eight days of classes left
❤ Anxiousexcitedness (more on this post-weekend!)

Emily ❤

Question: What has ben making you smile?

2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XVI.

  1. What’s the heart rate app!?

    Things that have been making me smile – That this week is FLYING by.

  2. you should post your workout playlist i’d love to see it
    heart rate app = amazing. thanks for that!

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