Spring Fling

Yesterday St. John’s put on their annual spring carnival.

Besides the excessively long lines for the rides, it was a blast!

By “excessively long” I mean we waited an hour and a half to get on the ferris wheel.

But it flew by pretty quickly with all the talking and laughing that went on.

We eventually got there though, and it was definitely worth the wait.

(Photo thanks to Danielle)

The guy running the ferris wheel loved us and ended up giving us an extra long ride!

Lizzy is afraid of heights and every time we reached the top our faces looked something like this:

By the time we got off the ride we realized it was past 4:00 so we ran back to our rooms to get ready for dinner plans at 5:00!

Danielle, Kayleigh, and I met Mike and the four of us went downtown to meet up with two other friends at Kumo Sushi.

(Photo thanks to Danielle)

Although you can do “all you can eat/drink,” Danielle and I opted to split an order of edamame, vegetable tempura, and each ordered the three roll special. I ordered a veggie roll, a healthy roll, and a sweet potato roll. Andrew got the all you can eat/drink special so a snagged a few bites of avocado salad. Everything was great!

After we were sufficiently stuffed, we headed a little further downtown to Harris’s apartment.

The view from his roof is absolutely breathtaking.

After a fun and long night, it was at some point decided that we were going to take a cab back to campus. Expensive but so much more convenient!

This day ranks very high on my favorite days list.

Emily ❤

Question: When is the last time you had a really great day/night? What made it so great?

3 responses to “Spring Fling

  1. What a fun day 🙂 The best day I had was last week when I had french toast casserole for breakfast, paninis for lunch, dyed easter eggs, went out to dinner and got free tickets to the yankees game 20 rows behind home plate!

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