The Life of a College Kid

Yesterday was spent entirely on writing one paper for my comparative political systems class. When I say entirely I mean I woke up, got brunch with Danielle and her roomie Danielle, then we worked in the library from about 1:00 to 6:00. We broke for dinner and then it was back to the library until they kicked us out at around 8:15.

Danielle #1 and I still had a ton of work left to do and couldn’t believe that the library wasn’t open later. We were almost certain that it would be open 24 hours during finals week! So we packed up all our stuff and headed over to the honors lounge which was too crammed for us to comfortably do our work. We tried another building but all the classrooms and meeting rooms were locked up and a public safety officer told us the only “study areas” that were approved for us to work in were the common areas which are extremely noisy.

By this point I was about to burst into tears because the stress of needing a quiet place to work combined with the stress of needing to finish a 12-15 page paper was a little too much for me to handle. Luckily, just as we were about to leave the public safety officer came over and told us he would open a classroom for us on the 3rd floor! To complement our travel mugs of coffee, we ordered Chinese food (broccoli in garlic sauce for me) around 10:00 to keep us powered up. Of course we were completely distracted for a while by the whole Bin Laden thing and had to watch the President’s speech (which I thought was fantastic). By about midnight Danielle headed back to her room and another friend met me to finish up the same paper I was working on.

After working on the same paper for about 12 hours yesterday, I finished up by around 2:00am. I’m usually not a late night person but it was kind of satisfying to successfully cram all that work into a day.

I had someone request that I post the playlist I run or workout to so here it is:

I usually make a really long playlist of songs that pump me up and then just play it on shuffle. That way I don’t have a ton of different playlists but the music still stays pretty fresh and I know I won’t have to skip a song if it’s not good workout music.

On that note, I’m off to the gym for a much needed sweat session.

Emily ❤

Question: What’s your stereotypical image of a college kid? I’d say late night study/paper writing sessions powered by coffee and Chinese food fit mine pretty well…
What kind of music do you listen to while working out?


One response to “The Life of a College Kid

  1. I listen to EVERYTHING from rock, techno, rap, radio music… i run the fastest when techno comes on

    The only thing I didn’t like about the speech was I thought he kept thanking himself a little too much. I was very excited about the news though!!

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