The Home Stretch

I finally feel somewhat less stressed about ending the semester. I handed in my 5th out of 6 papers due in the past week last night and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have one final paper, though immensely less stress inducing than the previous 5, due tomorrow and then it’s just studying hard for finals. I have a feeling the next few nights will be spent like this:

Danielle and I have been making a habit of secluding ourselves to empty classrooms until the wee hours of the morning emerging only for bathroom breaks and Chinese food.

Plain white rice doused in soy sauce is surprisingly tasty after nine straight hours of paper writing and studying.

Luckily, last night I was able to relax a little after my night class because I don’t have classes Wednesday and therefore no studying or paper writing was immediately necessary. I took advantage of my day off by sleeping in a little to catch up on some lost z’s.

Despite the hectic schedule, I have managed to get to the gym for some good workouts. No matter how little time I have in the day, I never feel like exercising is a waste of time. Monday I completed a 30 minute interval workout on the elliptical followed by strength and stretching, and yesterday I had a quick but effective 35 minute tempo speed run.

Today’s agenda looks like it will include laundry, a trip to the gym, and of course that final paper… How exciting.

Emily ❤

Question: Does your workout schedule seem to change when life gets busier and how do you adjust? Or do you more or less stick to the same routine?


2 responses to “The Home Stretch

  1. My workout routine does change and I don´t like it:/ When I get to busy, I tend to stop going to my favourite classes, thinking that I have no time (and then spend the same amount of time procrastinating:))

  2. When im busy my workouts have to go in the morning because days get so hectic!

    Good luck on the final paper!

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