Things I Love Thursday XVII.

❤ Finishing six papers in one week
❤ Late night Chinese food
Chocolate protein cake
❤ Looking at shoes online
❤ Games for studying
❤ Satisfyingly sore arms from the gym
Favorite procrastination website
❤ Ferris wheels
❤ Pumps
❤ Sweet potato rolls
❤ Brunch with Liv
❤ Strawberry banana smoothie
This looks deliciously insane!
❤ Creepy yet intriguing crush…
❤ Plans for the upcoming weekend
❤ My favorite people
Friendship bracelets
❤ Four days of classes
❤ Cute gifts from my RA

Question: What has been making you happy?


2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XVII.

  1. Mmm odwalla smoothies!! Today is my friday 🙂 that makes me happy!

  2. 6 papers in one week? man I bet that feels good!
    I’m seeing some family this weekend, and that makes me happy. 🙂

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