Banana Bread Protein Cake

Yesterday at the gym, I did a 35 minute elliptical workout followed by some core work. Wednesday I worked my arms and legs a lot and I am totally still feeling it in my arms. It’s a good feeling though because hopefully my weakling little arms are getting stronger!

In other news, I took my chocolate protein cake and tweaked the recipe to make banana bread protein cake.

It’s pretty much the same recipe, minus the chocolate and sugar/stevia, plus a mashed banana and lot’s of cinnamon.

I topped mine with shredded coconut and a little Earth Balance.

Other than classes, the rest of my day pretty much looked like this:

Studying my bum off while being mildly severely distracted by facebook, twitter, my google reader, and just the internet in general. I ended up oversleeping by two hours today waking up at 10:00 instead of my typical internally set 8:00. Luckily my first class isn’t until 12:00 and my final isn’t until 1:30 so I will definitely be looking over my notes a few more times.

And the gym? I hate working out in the afternoon but it looks like that’s how it has to be today! 🙂

Emily ❤

Question: What time is your internal alarm clock set to?


3 responses to “Banana Bread Protein Cake

  1. I’m always up at 6. I have an alarm but I don’t even need it because I’m always awake before it!

  2. I honestly wake up at 6am EVERY morning. It drives me crazy… That banana bread protein cake looks soooo sooo soooo good.

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