Friday Night Recap

I made it to the gym yesterday afternoon after a relatively successful final exam in state and local government. I wasn’t too excited to go workout but I ended up running a great 5 miles on the treadmill! After some stretching I realized what time it was and rushed back to the room to get ready to go out!

Last night was the last Friday night I will spend out in NYC as a freshman! My roomie Kat, Danielle, her roomie Danielle, and I met Mike and Andrew down in the lower east side for Mexican food.

Traveling on the MTA flies by when you snap tons of photos.

We ordered tons of stuff and just sat and talked and laughed for about two hours.

After we finished up at El Sombrero we headed back to the subway. Unfortunately, Andrew left his satchel/manbag/murse at the restaurant so he and Danielle trekked back to retrieve it. Meanwhile two F trains came and went but of course it didn’t matter. Once we got back on the subway we sang everything from Can Your Feel the Love Tonight to Party in the USA and made friends with a guy from Long Island.

Of course no Friday night would be complete without our typical trip to our favorite place so once we dropped off some stuff at Mike and Andrew’s apartment, we headed out again.

After going out, we went back to the apartment with a few other people. Because we were hungry again, Danielle made pasta and I made chocolate chip cookies. It was a perfectly sweet ending to a perfectly awesome night!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you like Mexican food? I’m in love with guacamole!


One response to “Friday Night Recap

  1. Love it!

    BTW Allison’s idea is great. (Unrelated to your post but I forgot to tell you.)

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