What A Whirlwind

Yesterday was such a whirlwind that writing a post was the last thing on my mind. Monday in a short recap consisted of working out, handing in a final exam, going to Cold Stone for a celebratory cup of sorbet after handing in said exam with Lizzy and Mary, and then studying my bum off.

Lemon sorbet topped with almonds.

Study fuel.

Confession: I have never ridden the stationary bike at the gym. That all changed yesterday. I headed to the gym as soon as I woke up with my philosophy and western political thought notes in tow. I planted myself on the stationary bike and set it to the random hill setting at level 7.

I used to think the stationary bike wasn’t as great of a workout as running or using the elliptical but after 20 minutes I was sweating and this morning I am totally feeling it in my legs and glutes. After I got off the bike, I hopped on an elliptical for a quick interval workout while attempting to read Augustine’s City of God.

When I felt I had gotten a good chunk of studying and cardio in, I did some weight lifting. I mainly focused on legs doing calf raises and using the quad and leg press machines. I am totally feeling the soreness today!

After leaving the gym, I came back and showered and headed to my first final exam of my last day. It was philosophy and it went alright. I have gotten As on everything in the class so far, so I think technically I could fail the exam and still get an A in the class. Just for the record though, I do not think I failed.

When I finished that, I dropped off an extra credit paper to my state and local government professor who informed me that I had already received an A in the class anyway! The extra credit paper was interesting though and I definitely don’t think it was a waste of time. It focused on the issue of a perceived lack of learning in college and university settings. He had us read a few articles including, In the Basement of the Ivory Tower and Academically Adrift ( the ones I thought were most interesting). If you read them, tell me what you think! I personally see a huge difference between the (lack of) demand in my core classes and the demand in my major classes. As harsh as it sounds, interacting with the students as well as the brilliant full time professors in my government classes who can carry on an intellectual discussion is part of the reason I don’t want to transfer to another university. It’s also the reason three out of my five classes this semester were government classes; it was ambitious for me but worth it to not have to sit through a bunch of non-enlightening courses.

Anyway, after that Danielle and I met Lizzy and her sister Mary for a quick picnic and study break on the great lawn. Lizzy and Mary went to Whole Foods to pick up a bunch of stuff and Mary made a delicious pasta salad. She also proceeded to inform me that everything was organic. Score!

Once the picnic was over and our goodbyes were said to Danielle who left for DC for the summer, it was back to studying. I met a few classmates and we studied for about four hours straight before heading to our last final exam. Overall, this one went pretty well. I ended up using a full two hours and three booklets to write everything out. I had a lot to say! After the exam, I headed over to Mike and Andrew’s to say goodbye to them before summer.

My roommate left this morning and it’s strange not having anyone here with me. I’m not leaving until tomorrow because I am going to an inauguration ceremony for student government. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here, but I applied and interviewed for a co-chair position of the student affairs committee and got it!

Lizzy is picking me up in a little bit to go shopping today! Then it’s back here to clean and pack like a madwoman.

Emily ❤

Question: Do you ever have picnics? What do you or what would you bring?


4 responses to “What A Whirlwind

  1. I’ve never done a picnic…Wait, I may have gone once as a super little kid, but nothing really vivid in my memory. It sounds like so much fun though!

  2. I love picnics! I always do them with the girls I nanny for 🙂 I rarely ride the stationary bikes at the gym… I dont sweat as much!

  3. I read ‘In the Basement of the Ivory Tower’ and I am so glad I never sent in my application to our local ag/tech college to teach the same exact courses. It would have involved teaching remedial writing as well.

    I teach fourth graders how to write essays, and believe that all of them will have a solid foundation that will improve with practice over time.
    Unlike the professor I see these children every day for several hours allowing time for them to revise and edit with ongoing feedback.
    Sadly, it seems that some of his students would benefit tremendously from the same type of instruction.

    As for picnics…LOVE ’em! Shelburne Farms is the best. : )

  4. Whoa studying and cardio? That is multi-tasking at it’s finest. I’m impressed 🙂

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