Things I Love Thursday XVIII.

❤ My last final exam
❤ Being a kombucha converter
❤ Absentmindedly walking behind the deli counter
❤ Celebrating
❤ Lord and Taylor
❤ Panera "You Pick Two"
❤ Baking cookies
❤ El Sombrero
❤ Whoever posted a sign on my door to prevent facilities workers from barging in unexpectedly
❤ SGI inauguration
❤ New Lacoste headband
❤ Whole Foods salad bar
❤ Picnics
❤ The Edge of Glory
❤ Hummus and pretzel chips
❤ Flavor and Fiber bar
❤ Anticipating BHOF weekend
❤ Gorgeous weather
❤ Favorite people
❤ Hummer "four wheeling"
❤ Summertime plans
❤ Mother daughter pedicure plans
❤ Classic rock for the car ride home
❤ Coming home to the cutest most smiley dog ever

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?


5 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XVIII.

  1. love the panera you pick two. had an awesome sandwich there last week!!

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