New Running Partner & New Running Shoes

This morning I took the puppy (actually she’s almost a year) on a 6 mile run with me. I was worried that she would plop herself down 3 miles away from my house refusing to go any further but she was great about 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time was spent switching which side she wanted to run on, speeding up to chase after cars, and barking at other dogs. We only had to stop twice, once so she could cower behind me as a tractor trailer passed and once so she could do her lady business.

Overall she’s a great new running buddy!

And she clearly cares about rehydrating.

After my run, all I wanted was lots of fresh fruit and a nice long shower.

Once I was all cleaned up, I picked up popsicles for my Mom’s class at her request and drove down to the school. While I was there I chatted for a while with my high school english teacher/Syracuse University Project Advance instructor for a while about how my first year at school went and how things in the high school are going. It was so nice to see her!

By about 1:30 I was a little shaky and realized I hadn’t eaten anything other than fruit. Good thing my Mom has a secret stash of Kashi honey sunshine, berry blossoms, and chocolate almond milk in her room!

A cup of that tided me over until our trip to Wegmans where I made the best salad ever. Yes, better than a Whole Foods salad! I also had a mango kombucha that I loved!

We also made an undocumented trip to TJ Maxx where I found Saucony Grids for $29.99 along with a pair of new sandals and two pairs of spandex shorts. It was all an awesome deal!

The last and definitely best part of our day was our trip to get pedicures! Sitting in the massage chair relaxing while we got our calves massaged, feet exfoliated, and nails painted was the icing on the cake today!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you ever bring your dog running with you?


2 responses to “New Running Partner & New Running Shoes

  1. Your puppy is soooo cute! I am sure he would love running in Central Park 🙂 Miss you!

  2. aw i want a puppy running buddy!!

    ive never seen the kashi honey sunshine cherry blossoms!?!!? i love the honey sunshine though

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