Road Trip

I was up at 5:00 this morning to get in a quick 4 mile run with the puppy before we hit the road. We went down to my sister’s school to pick up some of her things before she finishes up the semester on Tuesday.

After that, we stopped at the Westchester mall to pick up a hostess gift and grab a snack.

Then we all went to my cousin’s first communion party where I was freezing the entire time and too busy shivering to remember to take a picture of a single thing there. Although it was chilly and wearing a dress meant my legs were severely underdressed, it was nice to see all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. The party was catered and everything looked fabulous but I ended up sticking to salad, veggies, and lots of delicious bread. After a few hours there, we hit the road again to come back home. In total, we probably spent about 10+ hours in the car today. That’s way too much sitting! I’m definitely glad I got a run in earlier even though it meant waking up at the crack of dawn.

Before settling down I made some random snacks including a single lady portion of cookie dough (made with brown sugar, vanilla, a splash of almond milk, natural PB, a square of dark chocolate, and whole wheat flour) and some PB&J on whole wheat toast. I had to do something (relatively healthy) to curb my sweet tooth after watching people gobble up fluffy pieces of cake this afternoon!

Question: What’s the longest you’ve ever spent in a car in one day?


5 responses to “Road Trip

  1. um godiva chocolate šŸ™‚ sweet road trip treat!

    longest ive ever been in a car? 19 hours!

  2. Snap! I was in a car for 10hours a few days ago and did the same as you – morning runs definitely help things when you have to sit for so darn long!

  3. I remember the drive from Dallas to Florida was complete hell. Never doing that again šŸ˜‰

  4. Wow, what a long road trip! The longest I’ve spent in a car was 27 hours, which was yesterday lol. You and your momma are absolutely gorgeous!

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