Protein Conscious

Most Americans easily get enough protein in their diets without having to make a conscious effort toward it. Personally, even when I became vegetarian and then vegan I never worried about the amount of protein I was consuming. But lately as I am becoming more active and looking to become stronger, I see protein as a vital macronutrient that is pretty severely lacking in my diet. I don’t have to be told twice to eat my complex carbs or healthy fats, but protein just seems to be something my body doesn’t crave. With that being said, here’s how I (painlessly) incorporated some quality protein into today’s eats:

A Chocolate Covered Katie inspired single lady chocolate protein cupcake.

With a natural peanut butter, organic powdered sugar, and splash of water glaze.

For dinner I threw some veggies in the oven to roast while I cooked some whole wheat couscous on the stove along with a roux sauce. I would have been perfectly happy with just that but decided to make some seitan to make a more balanced meal.

This ended up being delish and incredibly nutritious with about 20 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber!

For something less protein oriented, I made a half recipe of Gabriela’s coconut scones.

First I had to make homemade coconut butter with shredded unsweetened coconut in my mini magic bullet-type blender.

This stuff is good. I’m pretty sure I see homemade coconut peanut butter in the near future… 🙂

Anyway, these scones rocked. I can’t believe there is no sugar in them! My parents loved them too so I will definitely be making them again!

Quick backtrack to this morning, it was raining all day but eventually I made it outside with the pup for a relatively easy 3 mile run. We came back soaked and dirty but it was worth it to get our muscles working and hearts pumping! Before getting all cleaned up I did a 20 minute yoga session to get in some strength and stretching. The rest of my day was pretty laid back!

Emily ❤

Question: Thoughts on protein? Do you care about getting enough/do you have to try to get enough?


7 responses to “Protein Conscious

  1. I definitely get enough protein!
    Breakfast = pb in oatmeal
    Snack = cottage cheese
    Lunch = chicken salad
    Snack = almonds
    Dinner = black bean enchiladas 🙂

  2. I don’t eat a ton of meat, but I try to have a little protein in every meal (cottage cheese, nut butter, tofu, shrimp, etc). I find that meals with protein are more satisfying and keep me fuller, longer! Those scones look really yummy 🙂

  3. protein is important for sure!! I think I should probably work on it..although this morning I made myself a sweet potato protein cake and that baby was huge!!

  4. I definitely get enough protein! even though I don’t eat meat!
    I use sunwarrior protein powder, beans, nuts, tofu. I don’t count my protein grams but I know I get enough 🙂

  5. Protein is really an important nutrient! But I think people get much more protein than they need (of course there are exceptions) and getting your protein supply on vegan/vegetarian diet is no big problem. I personally was always much more affraid of not getting enough fats, because I (not consciously) often ommit them from my meals, so I always have to remind me of adding some source of fat.

  6. I too often struggle with getting enough protein, but I try to always work some in with every meal. Those scones look amazing, by the way:)

  7. I’m not a vegetarian but I never cook meat for myself – and rarely eat out – so I have a really hard time getting protein into my meals!

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