Lazy Rainy Monday

The first thing I did yesterday morning when I woke up was checked my grades. My last grade in western political thought was finally posted but I was bummed to see it was an A- because it totally ruined my 4.0! Oh well, c’est la vie.

Eventually, Cheya and I headed outside for a rainy 6 mile run. It wasn’t too eventful but we were both exhausted by the time we got back. After gobbling up some cantaloupe and hopping in the shower I relaxed all day long. I even took about an hour and 15 minute nap!

After a huge salad topped with hummus and salsa for lunch, I made another chocolate protein cupcake. This time I frosted it with chocolate PB2 mixed with a little water.

It was super easy to make and super delicious!

Later in the evening, my parents and I headed to a republican dinner attended by guest speaker congressman Richard Hanna. Dinner was served buffet style so I loaded my plate with salad with a roll and a half on the side.

I was by far the youngest person in attendance but I didn’t mind. This kind of stuff is interesting to me! I was even able to speak to congressman Hanna after the dinner was over and he had finished speaking. He is a very interesting and down to earth individual, and the best part is that he flies small planes like my family!

When we got home from the dinner, I made myself some seitan for a good serving of protein. I also had some pb&j on toast and a square of dark chocolate!

Emily ❤

Question(s): Do you obsess about grades? How do you feel about running in the rain? Do you know your representatives?


One response to “Lazy Rainy Monday

  1. Love that you went to a republican dinner with your parents 🙂 It should interest you!

    I do not run in the rain..I’m a sissy.

    You still got AWESOME grades. Congrats!!

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