Failed Biking Attempt

I woke up really late yesterday morning, after 10:00! I guess that’s summer vacation (although the weather has me fooled). Once I got moving I got ready to go work out.

I wore my brand new running shoes for the first time since the puppy chewed the tongue out of my other pair…

Usually I look like a bum when I work out but for whatever reason I was feeling all matchy-matchy today.

I had planned on getting acquainted with this baby:

However, I only made it about a half mile before the chain broke. I guess I would consider this a blessing in that I only had to walk it a half mile back home rather than 5 miles.

So instead of going for a ride a did I few sprints but I was totally not into the workout. Once I figure out how to replace the bike chain I’ll be back at it!

Despite my lack of enthusiasm toward working out this morning, this conversation with a friend certainly put a smile on my face:

I literally laughed out loud! (I’m the green bubbles just for the record.)

Anyway, some eats of the day included a banana for breakfast, a huge salad for lunch, seitan and whole wheat couscous for dinner, cereal as a snack, an apple cinnamon protein cupcake as a snack, and some pb&j with shredded unsweetened coconut on a couple slices of toast.

Overall the day was another laid back one except for some exciting news that I may share tomorrow!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you ride a bike? Any tips for a beginner?


5 responses to “Failed Biking Attempt

  1. I rode my moms bike a couple of weeks ago but literally felt like a disaster! haha i had no idea what I was doing

  2. Hahahah that is hilarious!! (the iphone texts). that pb &j looks delish!

  3. Ahhh I’m SO jealous of your bike, it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I hope you’re enjoying your summer vacay:)

    • Thanks girl! It’s my mama’s but she never rides it (along with her Titelist golf clubs and Emilio Pucci Rossignols that never get used either…), I figured I should probably try adopt the poor child!

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