Flying Through Thunderstorms

I woke up yesterday morning pumped for an 8 mile run. I left the puppy at home so I could focus more on myself than babysitting her. I was also able to test one of my newest apps (LYRFREE)! It tracked my mileage, pace, route, and elevation.

Not exactly 8 miles, but relatively close! I pretty much love this app.

After I had run and washed up I headed out to pick up a few things. I stopped by Wegmans and grabbed a gingerberry kombucha, I think it’s my new favorite! When I came back I rushed around getting my stuff together so my Dad could fly me down to Long Island for the weekend!

Both of my parents are pilots, not as a profession but more so as a hobby, so we have two planes: a Cessna 172 and a Maule M5. The Cessna is what we flew down to Long Island.

We had to stop in Sidney, NY to top off on fuel and landing there was terrifying. We were in the midst of a thunderstorm! Once we made it on the ground, after a miraculously smooth landing, we had to wait it out for about an hour while lightning flashed, thunder boomed, and torrential downpours pelted the plane.

When we got back in the air we had to continuously dodge the thunderstorms that seemed to be popping up everywhere between central NY and Long Island. We ended up flying over Connecticut to avoid them.

Lightning from a Distance

Out of the left side of the plane we could witness bolts of lightning while on the other calmness and rainbows!

Finally, by about 8:00 we made it to Republic Airport! We had to land “IFR” rather than “VFR” which means because we couldn’t see the runway (due to extremely low clouds), we had to land using instruments rather than visuality.

All in all, it wasn’t a typical flight but it was probably the most interesting I’ve been on.

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever flown in a small plane?


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