Long Island & NYC Weekend Recap

After I got in Friday night, Mike, his parents and I ordered Chinese food, I got sauteed veggies with brown rice. Later we made red velvet cupcakes and piped on cream cheese frosting for a fancy shmancy look. Mike’s brother had people over and we invited the other Mike over so we fed the cupcakes to them. Of course I forgot to take pictures but they were beautiful and according to those who tried them, very tasty.

Saturday was Mike’s parents’ anniversary. So naturally we baked a cake (yes, more cake baking) for them that morning!

It was a yellow cake with peanut butter vanilla filling and chocolate icing. His parents loved it, as did the rest of their family!

After that we went for a quick run around the neighborhood.

Although it was hot and muggy it ended up being a pretty decent run!

We came back to shower and eat before getting ready to go to Mary’s graduation party. I didn’t remember to take pictures while we we here because clearly I left my brain back upstate. But anyway, it was a lot of fun! There was so much good food and Lizzy and Mary and their family went seriously above and beyond to make sure I was well-fed (Thank you SO MUCH guys)! They had Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers (which I had never tried but ended up loving), a fabulous quinoa dish, delicious pasta salad, and lots of snacky foods among other non-veg things like meats and cheeses solely from Whole Foods. These people know good food!

After a few hours we headed back to the house and got ready to meet a few friends in the city. We went to a friend’s apartment and then just walked around the city for a while.

Eventually Mike and I hopped on the train to head back to his place. Overall it was a fun night!

Yesterday was a pretty chill day. Mike and I headed to a place called Fuel Your Body Cafe in the morning to get fresh squeezed apple, carrot, and ginger juice for me and a peanut butter banana smoothie for him.

The cafe has such an extensive menu with numerous healthy options, I would definitely come back here to try their actual food!

Later on, after I had booked my bus ticket home, Mike’s parents took us out to lunch at Harrington’s Bar & Grill. I had the vegetable panini without the mozzarella (I asked for balsamic vinaigrette instead) which ended up being delicious but super messy to eat. The reviews of the restaurant aren’t that impressive but other than a minor drink confusion, our experience was great. I loved the atmosphere, our waitress was wonderful, and my sandwich was flavorful and filling.

When we finished lunch, Mike and I headed over to Port Authority. There is always something happening there. At the end of the line at my gate, this big lady was laying on the ground holding her leg and talking to two NYPD officers. Apparently she had slipped and hurt her leg and moments later she was surrounded by policemen, EMTs, and Port Authority employees. It was made into a huge scene with a growing audience as they spent at least 20 minutes trying to figure out what had happened until they finally rolled her away in a wheelchair. It was an interesting ordeal to say the least.

After about an hour on the bus I realized I hadn’t brought any water or snacks with me. I was pretty upset when I realized our pitstop would be at Burger King. It’s a good thing I wasn’t ravenous because eating healthy there is absolutely impossible. I ended up with a bottled water, apple juice, and apple slices which wasn’t awful.

Other than being long and boring, the ride wasn’t terrible. At some point the sun even started peeking out!

My Mom was at the bus station to pick me up and she brought me to Wegmans to grab a package of veggie brown rice sushi and a container of fresh pineapple for dinner (Thanks Mom)! I also finished up the pint of vanilla almond milk ice cream among a few other snacky things when I got home.

It was a fun weekend but it’s always nice to be at home!

Emily ❤

Question: Tell me about your weekend! What were the highlights?

2 responses to “Long Island & NYC Weekend Recap

  1. Sounds like you had fun! That cake looks soooo good! 😀

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