It’s Fun To Go To The YMCA

After doing a 20 minute yoga session yesterday morning, I finally decided to get a YMCA membership. My sister and I headed over there to fill out our applications and fork over some cash but it will be well worth it. And actually the deal for college students is awesome, $50.00 for the entire summer!

Once we had set up our memberships, I hopped on the elliptical, set it to “random,” and plugged away for 30 minutes. It was a difficult and sweat inducing workout but I enjoyed the break from strictly running for cardio in the past weeks.

When we got back I cleaned up, ate lunch, and did some things around the house before heading down to the school to meet my Mom to go shopping! We went to TJ Maxx and Lord and Taylor but miraculously didn’t end up buying anything! Then we did some grocery shopping because we were dangerously low on hummus (aka it was nonexistent).

For dinner I made another stir-fry. This one had half a white potato, a portobello mushroom, carrots, parsnips, asparagus, and an onion.

It was huge and took a long time to eat which I loved.

When I settled down to check my email, I was greeted by this:

Sent by one of my favorite people in the world, my Grandma! Thanks for the laugh!

Oh, and last but not least. This Luna bar:

To. Die. For. Seriously it is so good! It reminded me of girl scout samoa cookies! If you like chocolate and coconut I highly recommend this bar.

Emily ❤

Question: What is your favorite brand and flavor nutrition bar?


3 responses to “It’s Fun To Go To The YMCA

  1. Thanks–Love You.

  2. $50 for the whole summer???? You are SO lucky, in NYC it’s over 50 for a MONTH lol. You’re Grandma seems so cool, how funny that she sent that to you;)

    • I know! And I get access to all the classes and the pool. I seriously couldn’t ask for anything better! Except of course, a deal like this when I’m in New York. 🙂

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