Things I Love Thursday XXI.

❤ NYC tomorrow!
❤ Organizing the cupboards
❤ My speed workout yesterday (mile warmup, 6×800 with 400 recovery jogs, cool down, total mileage: 5.5)
Money shredding alarm clock
❤ All this heat and sunshine
❤ Tons of watermelon
❤ Painted turtles
Chicks dig me
❤ Car rides with my Mama
❤ Entertaining emails
❤ Making oat flour pancakes for my Sister
Hahaha, no words for this
❤ Seeing favorite people
❤ Planting a garden
❤ Clover (our cat)
Mr. Tea
❤ Kan Jam
❤ Walking in the sand
❤ All natural popsicles
❤ Can I have this invisible bath tub?
❤ Puppies!

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?


6 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XXI.

  1. You have food for weeks! Have fun in NYC. My tan lines have been making me smile 🙂

    • Hahaha it’s all my parents’ food, and that’s only one cupboard… 🙂
      I love tan lines! I have been laying out in the sun a lot, not today though because it is chillyyy!

  2. I think I need that alarm clock. I always find excuses to sleep in, and then end up sleeping in waaaay more than I was planning on, and then I’m late and my whole day gets messed up. Agh.
    ❤ ❤ watermelon is my looove ❤ ❤ I want some really bad right now. THANKS, EMILY. 😀
    The invisibath was totally mind blowing. I want it.

    • I would seriously go broke with that alarm clock, I press snooze at least two or three times every morning!
      Hahahaha sorry, watermelon is the best! I crave it like a mad-woman on hot days.

  3. You’re so lucky going to NYC! LOVE the city!!!

    Right now I”m loving my coffee! YUM!

    • I love the city too! It’s so hard being home in upstate NY after going to school there for the past 9 months and having the crazy convenience of public transportation and access to everything and anything! On the bright side I have lots of family and friends down there so I always have a place to stay! 🙂

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