NYC Weekend Recap

Friday afternoon I hopped on a New York City bound bus. One of the best things about going to school in New York is that whenever I want to visit throughout the summer, I have great friends to stay with!

When I got in to Port Authority, my friend Andrew and his roommate Eric came to meet me.

Then we walked around the city stopping at various places including Bryant Park while waiting for Danielle’s bus to get in from DC.

Eric, Andrew, and I headed to our frequently visited sushi place, Kumo, around 10:45  to meet Danielle and Danielle.

We had so much fun celebrating Danielle’s birthday which is next week that we lost track of time! Although we didn’t get back to the apartment until 2:00 we were up relatively early to start our day.

Danielle, the queen of hair styling, curled my hair before Mike and Lizzy came over.

Then we all headed to the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle to pick up some food for a picnic in Central Park.

We all got food from the hot food bars and salad bars along with some bread, cheese, hummus, cookies, So Delicious cookies and cream coconut milk ice cream, and some ice cream cones!

After we had finished eating we walked around the park for a while.

We stopped to watch these people who were making human pyramids.

After walking around a street fair for a while, we eventually headed back to the apartment to rest up for our evening plans. Mike, Andrew, and Eric decided to go to Long Island for one of Mike’s friend’s parties while Danielle and I decided to meet up with the other Danielle for a girls’ night in the city.

Before we met Danielle, Danielle and I stopped at Legend Bar and Restaurant for dinner. The service was great and we loved the atmosphere, it was very classy!

We started with an order of edamame which came out piping hot and perfectly salty.

For my entree I ordered sauteed eggplant and broccoli in garlic sauce and Danielle ordered sweet and sour chicken. Mine was extremely spicy but once I got used to it I really enjoyed it. Because we had eaten so much earlier neither Danielle or I came close to finishing our meals.

Once we left we decided to walk up to Penn Station to meet Danielle which worked out perfectly as it helped digest our food babies and coincided with Danielle’s train arrival. The three of us then headed down to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

After a few hours of laughs we  headed uptown to Times Square at the birthday girl’s request.

We traipsed around the Marriott to utilize their cleanly bathrooms before we went to sit on the red steps so Danielle could blow out her birthday candles!

After singing and wish-making had ceased, we met a few guys from Macedonia. They are only in the city for a few days before heading to Yellowstone to work for the summer and from what they had told us they hadn’t seen anything other than Times Square. Clearly we felt it was our duty to fix that.

We brought them to Rockefeller Plaza where they took a picture with their Macedonian flag and made notes of places to go the next day.

Danielle headed back to Long Island on the LIRR and Danielle and I headed back to the apartment, not getting back until about 3:00! We had to be up bright and early the next morning because Danielle had to get on a bus back to DC and I had to meet my Mom and her friend, who had spent the night at the Kimberly to go to see Martin Sexton’s show, for brunch.

We went to a place called Lallisse after seeing how many people were in line at Penelope. The food was great, I ordered a portobello mushroom and roasted red pepper panini, but the service was severely lacking. You can read my yelp review here if it interests you.

After a couple hours of shoe shopping at Macy’s we walked up to Port Authority to get on our bus to come home. I stopped into Duane Reade to pick up a few snacks including this delicious trail mix:

It was great! If you’re ever at Duane Reade I recommend this, it was only $1.99! After all the festivities of the weekend, I fell fast asleep on the bus for a good three hours.

Overall, I had a fabulous weekend with some amazing people although it feels good to be home, back to my less indulgent ways of eating, and back to the gym! I did an easy 3 miles this morning and have been filling up on plenty of fruits and veggies. It’d be a lie if I said I wasn’t looking forward to my next trip to New York though!

Emily ❤

Question: What did you do over the weekend? Have you ever had a really awful restaurant experience?


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