Things I Love Thursday XXII.

<3 I have the best job in the world
<3 BHOF induction weekend
<3 Meeting amazing people because of said job and said weekend
<3 Don’t ever let anyone tell you NYC is ugly
<3 Trips to the grocery store
<3 Getting up at 5:00am to go on a 4 mile run
<3 My diabetic compression socks (not for diabetes of course, just until my running compression socks come in the mail)
<3 Popsicles
<3 How cupcake recipes fought terrorism
<3 Lots of salads
<3 Man on the subway washing his hair story (the kind of story that makes you laugh so hard you cry)
<3 Iced coffee
<3 Being genuinely happy
<3 Modified blueberry cornbread muffins baked on the grill (delish by the way)
<3 Maple syrup brought as gifts from Canada
<3 Heart to hearts
<3 Everything about NYC last weekend!
<3 Warm summer nights driving with the windows down and the music loud
<3 Wearing dresses
<3 Deja Vu
<3 Jennie, with us in spirit

Emily <3

Question: What has been making you smile?

2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XXII.

  1. So glad the muffins turned out – the grill is an amazing thing! :)

  2. So happy to hear you enjoyed the cornbread recipe. Makes me want to buy a grill. :)

    Still trying to figure out the man washing he hair on the subway.

    Enjoy you weekend. Hope it’s filled with lots of yummy popsicles and fun summer dresses. :)

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