Things I Love Thursday XXIII.

❤ "The important thing to focus on is how well you're doing right now and how happy you are."
❤ Nana's Cookie Company (for real, they're awesome)
Charge your iPhone over an open fire
❤ Plane photography
Dreamy beet cake recipe video
❤ Collard greens can be used to make collard chips, just like kale chips
❤ Dancing
Pay for experiences, not things
❤ Polenta
Be strong, this is important horoscopes
❤ Sleeping
❤ The face I made when I was told by the doctor that I'm going to be treated for Lyme disease. It was kind of a little bit like this.
Amazing balloon sculptures!
❤ Peanut butter
CCK’s coffee flavored ice “cream” (not creamy but still tasty)
❤ Twitter conversations
❤ Four pairs of OxySox compression socks in the mail!
❤ Planning for DC
❤ Skyping

Emily ❤

Question: Has anything super amazing happened in the past week? What in general has been making you smile?


2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XXIII.

  1. Aww your ice cream sounds delicious 🙂

    Love that face!

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