Happy Father’s Day

To my Dad, the man I look up to most, an inspiration in all aspects of life, the hardest worker I’ve ever known, a man who possesses an incomparable and diverse sort of ever-expanding intellect, someone who achieves anything and everything he sets his mind to, and someone who has so positively influenced the continually-growing person I’ve become,

From reading Laura Ingalls as my bedtime stories to grasping two fingers (your whole hand was too big to hold) as we walked through the fields to check the cows,

from following you all over Cloverdale causing numerous missing child, broken nose, and head injury scares to peacefully laying side by side in your leather chair by the fireplace or on the fresh green grass outside,

from teaching me how to play trumpet on your old cornet to forcing me to take the now much-appreciated piano lessons when I would have rather been doing headstands in the corner,

from making waffles with pure maple syrup for breakfast in the morning to feeding me angel hair and butter every night for dinner while Mom was getting her master’s degree from Syracuse, but of course always making sure I had a good sized bowl of ice cream to end my day,

I had one of the best childhoods anyone could ask for and I’m so grateful that you’ve always been such a constant and positive force in my life.

Even now, you inspire me beyond words.

I love you Dad!

Grandpa and Grandpa,

Whether we were playing Monopoly, opening Christmas poppers, and tasting the yule log’s chocolate frosting or singing karaoke, eating buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, and swinging in the hammock, there are just some things that will always remind me of my grandfathers.

You are two wonderful and wise men who have raised wonderful loving families. You always serve as role models in my eyes and I am more than blessed to have you both in my life.

Happy Father’s Day!

Emily ❤


One response to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. WoW —There are tears in my eyes — What a great tribute and it’s all so true. Love You!!

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