Dinner With The Ladies

Today was so dreary in terms of weather. In terms of everything else though, my day was great! I went to the gym for a 40 minute tempo run which went really well. After showering I headed over to my Grandma’s to visit and drop off a couple double chocolate chip cookies for her to taste-test! In return she sent me home with a giant tomato plant!

Click it or ticket, right?

I then headed to work for a short 2:00-5:00 shift and then to dinner with my Sister, Mom, and Grandma! We went to King David’s where I ordered a house salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 2 falafel patties, pita croutons, tahini dressing, and a pita) and shared an order of sweet potato fries with my Mom.

I didn’t remember to take a picture until halfway through eating the salad!

Anyway, the food was incredible!

We went to TJ Maxx afterwards where I scored a new dress and a bag of coconut flour (thanks Mom)! I’m excited to experiment with the flour!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you like Middle Eastern food? Have you ever made anything with coconut flour?


3 responses to “Dinner With The Ladies

  1. Mmmm! Ok, I have never tired coconut flour before, but now I reallly want to! And I love Middle Eastern food! Especially the bread. 🙂

  2. The cookies were delicious, Thanks. Love You.

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