Pudding Pops

Yesterday I made organic chocolate pudding pops! They are pretty self explanatory through the photos so I’ll leave this recipe wordless:


This morning I went for a 3 mile run with the puppy. It felt much better than yesterday’s run! Phew!

Average pace 6.7 mph and max pace 11.5? I definitely do not remember running that fast so it must be a glitch.

After my run FedEx dropped off my new Wolfgang Puck food processor! Is it strange to get this excited over a kitchen appliance? The foodie in me says no.

Excuse the finger in the picture, I think I was a little too excited about the reversible blades to notice. Anyway, so far I have made baked potato chips for my sister using the adjustable slicing blade (sorry no photos) and banana soft serve for myself (again, no photo). So far so good!

My Mom, Sister, and I went out to dinner at King David’s again tonight. You can officially assume we are obsessed. I had the vegetarian plate with salad, falafel, tabbouleh, hummus, babaganoush, and about half a pita along with an unsweetened iced tea and a few of my Mom’s sweet potato fries. We then made a trip to TJ Maxx (where I got new Saucony Grid Twisters yay!) and Wegmans for a few groceries. About 10 minutes into the drive home I realized that my phone, which I had left in the car, was nowhere to be found. It turns out I actually didn’t leave it in the car but actually left it at the restaurant. Luckily my Sister called it and our waitress picked up and said she had been waiting for us to come back for it! Disaster averted.

I have an early wake-up call tomorrow so it’s off to bed soon for me!

Emily ❤

Question(s): Are you a pudding fan? Did you have a good workout today? Do you have a food processor and if so, what kind? Ever lost your phone?




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