Long Run Relocation

After an early morning of some running around I finally got my long run in, although it wasn’t exactly continuous. My friend Jerod and I ran outside for 4.62 miles until the heat became seriously unbearable.

That sign says 89 degrees!

Instead of quitting, we ran straight to the gym to finish our run on the treadmills in the comfort of air conditioning while watching the women’s world cup.

4.62m + 3.5m = 8.12m! My pace averages were 9:16 and 9:19 respectively. After we finished up, we rinsed off and went in the pool. Perfectly refreshing!

After coming home, playing with the puppy for a while, and eating lunch, Jerod came over. I offered to make his lunch and his requests included a grilled cheese sandwich and brownies.

Whole wheat bread, Earth Balance, and fresh mozzarella

The brownies came from a Duncan Hines box and we didn’t have eggs so I attempted to make them with a flax “egg” substitute. They came out insanely gooey instead of brownie-like, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing! Although they were technically vegan, I stay away from stuff like this because they are overly processed and have scary ingredients like hydrogenated oil (which I avoid like the plague). They looked good and smelled good and according to Jerod, tasted good, but they most certainly would not make me feel good. Now that that box is out of the house though (sorry Mom!), I foresee baking healthy (but not healthy tasting) Emily-approved brownies in the near future!

You’d think writing a blog about healthy living would encourage me to take more pictures of my own food but the only picture of today’s eats is this:

The biggest, juiciest, most delicious orange ever!

Dinner included lentils (yeah it’s an obsession) and collards followed by a big bowl of cereal along with plenty of peanut butter pretzels and Lindt 70% dark chocolate for dessert.

Emily ❤

Question: What were the temperatures like today in your area? Best thing you ate today?


One response to “Long Run Relocation

  1. A post-run dip in the pool is a great idea! I wish I had access to one to do that!

    The best thing I ate today was a Halo bar! Totally addicted. 🙂

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