Things I Love Thursday XXV.

It’s Thursday which means it’s time for Things I Love Thursday! First up though, I’ll recap my day. After playing with the dog outside all morning I finally dragged willingly drove myself to the gym for an 8×800 speed workout. I started out with a mile warmup and did my sprints at a moderate 5-k pace (7:30-8:00 minute mile paces) and recovered with 400 meters at a 10:00 minute mile pace. 7 miles and an hour later I was soaked in sweat and ready to pass out on the gym floor (I might be exaggerating a little). I resisted that urge and headed straight for the showers instead.

After putting myself back together, I drove to Walmart to pick up a new battery for my 35mm Canon SLR camera (which my Grandma gave me for my high school photography class 3 years ago, wow was it really that long ago?!) Anyway, I used to be very into darkroom photography and somewhere between graduating and completing my first year of college I kind of abandoned it. I am excited to start taking photos again though! I should scan and post some of the photos I took in high school sometime.

When I got home I ate lunch, weeded the garden, played with the pup again, and laid outside in the beautiful sunshine for a while. I’m going to miss these kinds of days come February!

Alright, onto the things I’ve been loving:

❤ Britney Spears- Stronger (old song, always relevant message)
❤ Nicki Minaj- Super Bass (I don't know why, it's catchy!)
Banana “ice cream”
❤ Having a running buddy for longer runs
❤ Seeing Tyra (we're 99% sure) at the Earth Wind & Fire concert
❤ Exclamation points!
NYC clock tower apartment
❤ My new food processor
❤ Our pets
Censorship tells the wrong story
❤ Fresh basil
❤ "Exit 34 attractions"
❤ Chocolate, duh
❤ Beautiful weather
Harry Potter vs. Star Wars
❤ Upcoming 15k!
❤ Simple healthy dinners
Best added time clock ever
❤ Photos sent from Alaska!
❤ Positivity
❤ Accomplishing more

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?

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