I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for Halo bars after seeing them over at Hungry Hungry Hippie numerous times. Finally yesterday at Wegmans I spotted them! I picked up a S’mores flavor bar and then got to thinking I wanted to make my own s’mores on the 4th of July!

Wegmans doesn’t carry my favorite marshmallows by Sweet and Sara but they do carry Dandies. I picked up the last package! I decided to forgo the almost $6.00 package of “healthy” graham crackers in favor of making my own.

I winged a recipe somewhere between Ashley’s recipes and Angela’s modifications using what I had on hand.

Essentially I halved Angela’s recipe and used Earth Balance instead of peanut butter and agave instead of maple syrup. I then chopped some Baker’s semisweet chocolate, melted in the microwave, and dipped half the cookies.

Then Jerod came over and we toasted the marshmallows to make the s’mores! Liv liked the marshmallows and plain graham crackers but she’s not a chocolate fan (how are we sisters??) so she avoided those.

This morning I went on a good 3 mile run. It was extremely warm out but it was okay for a shorter run.

When I got back I changed into my bathing suit in less than .2 seconds and headed down to the water with the puppy! We both went for a quick swim and laid out in the sun for a while.

Eventually I felt like I should do something productive so I tackled my laundry and started on a new project.

I stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics on a whim yesterday and ending up buying a dress pattern along with some fabric! I’ve never done anything like this before and had about a million questions for the ladies working there. Although they were laughing at me for knowing next to nothing about fabrics and sewing, they were very helpful and I left the store excited to accomplish a new goal! Now I just need to make it past step 1…

Emily ❤

Question: Do you like s’mores? Have you ever sewn anything? The last time I did was probably in my junior high home and careers class when I made a stuffed pig.


2 responses to “S’mores!

  1. I looooove s’mores! Actually one of my favorite desserts 🙂

  2. Yum, yum, yum!! Love those grahams!!

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