Boilermaker 15K

I trained well, ate well, slept well, and performed… not as well as I’d hoped. But, I’m okay with it.

Around mile 5 I got a cramp in my side that would not go away. I was going for an 8:30 minute/mile pace but ended up chucking about 8 or so minutes out the window trying to walk off the cramp. On the bright side, my average pace was 9:11 so that’s not terrible for walking so much (albeit 18 seconds per mile slower than my half marathon)!

Here were my stats:
Clock time: 1:27:43
Chip time: 1:25:29
Overall place: 4,601 out of 11,047
Gender place: 1,079 out of 5,072
Age place: 100 out of 318

Could it have been better? Yes. Could it have been worse? Absolutely.

Avert your eyes if you’re easily grossed out…

I lost my finisher’s pin but have a nice blister to remember the race instead.

All in all, this race was fun but I miss New York Road Runners Central Park races!

After I got home and showered I headed to work. It was only a 3 hour shift which was very manageable and actually enjoyable! My hips and legs were a little sore but the customers, sales, co-workers, and choir folks (don’t even ask) made it fly by!

I can’t say I’m not happy to be relaxing at home now though!

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever ran a 15k? Have you ever ran unexpectedly poorly? Or unexpectedly well?

3 responses to “Boilermaker 15K

  1. Good race!! And I’m so sorry I missed it. Blisters look very painful!! Love You!! Grandma

    • Don’t worry about it! I know you were very exhausted from being awake and traveling back from Alaska for an entire day! The blisters are nothing a couple bandaids can’t fix. Love you too! ❤

  2. Ahh blisters are the worst! I’ve never done any more than a 5k!!

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