Things I Love Thursday XXVII.

My workouts yesterday and today were both fantastic! Yesterday was 30 minutes of “random” on the elliptical followed by abs and legs (sore today!) and today was 3 miles followed by arms. Before I headed to the gym though, I had a preparation meeting for my other job which starts next Monday. I will be working at our school district’s summer enrichment program (like I did last summer) as a mentor to 3rd grade students!

Anyway, since it’s Thursday I’ll get to the things I’ve been loving!

❤ My breaks from posting
❤ Spicy hummus
❤ Barely pink nails
❤ "Life is too short to remove USB safely."
❤ My friends
❤ Belly laughs
❤ Geocaching (I've never done it but the whole concept is amazing!)
❤ The guru
❤ Beyond beautiful weather
❤ Walmart sells Biscoff cookies!
❤ Julie & Julia
❤ Running
❤ "In summer, the song sings itself." William Carlos Williams

Photo taken by my Mama!

Emily ❤

Question: Do the weeks seem to be flying by for you? What has been making you happy?


One response to “Things I Love Thursday XXVII.

  1. Julie & Julia has been on a lot lately 🙂 ❤ it

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