When Life Hands You…

Yikes! This whole week has been a non-stop blur. I had an average of 20 students (give or take based on attendance) at the program I work at. Just for comparison, the kindergarten instructor has 4 students. Individually, or even in small groups, the kids are wonderful, unique, creative, and well-behaved and I love them all. But 20 second graders trying to share glue sticks, keep chocolate milk inside the cartons and their mouths, prevent thunderstorm and bee freakouts, and avoid trips and falls while learning choreography and running around outside (all while trying to have fun) proves next to impossible. Not to mention I have a student who desperately needs one on one attention which isn’t feasible when I’m only one person trying to keep track of 19 other kids. God bless teachers. And their aids.

On a brighter note, I have some ridiculously huge zucchini! I’m sure they don’t taste very good but I’m seriously amazed at how big they got in just the few days that I was away. Literally, they are the size of my legs!

Running also usually makes me feel better!

Yesterday’s workout was a good 4 miles at an 8:52 average pace! Since I’m working one job at a time right now, I’ve started going to the gym after work because it lets me sleep a little longer and I still have plenty of time left in the day when I get done working.

Another positive aspect of life right now? These flats from Target:

No joke, they were on sale for only $6.42! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a pair of shoes so inexpensively!

And lastly, good food is always a plus! For last night’s dinner, I topped about a cup of cooked whole wheat spaghetti with the most delicious tomato I’ve ever tasted, chopped and steamed zucchini, plenty of fresh chopped basil, and some salt and pepper. Everything but the pasta and S&P was from my garden!

This is the perfect summer meal! I could probably eat it every day and be happy.

So, moral of the story blog post: when life hands you 20 obnoxious second graders, marvel at vegetables on steroids, get your sweat on, turn to retail therapy, and eat good food.

Emily ❤

Question: What do you do when life gets stressful?

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