Green Lakes State Park

I went to Green Lakes State Park today to get my run in! I’m getting bored of running on treadmills and tracks and don’t always feel comfortable running alone on our roads. Green Lakes had plenty of other runners, walkers, and bikers so I felt safe and was able to completely focus on my workout. The weather was beyond gorgeous (if not a little hot) and I deemed it almost as good as running in Central Park!

While driving out to the park I sipped on a High Country ginger kombucha:

Although I love GT, this brand is on sale for $1.99 at Wegmans and is actually really good!

Anyway, the first part of my workout consisted of a 5.42 mile run at a 52:29 pace on the lake trails, through the woods, and on the park roads. There was one really steep incline that seriously worked my legs, heart, and lungs… Whew!

I had a quick refuel of GoGo Squeez apple banana “applesauce on the go” before moving on to the second part of my workout.

The rest of my workout included both hiking and jogging with another super steep climb; 3.03 miles in 46:11 minutes.

So in total I covered 8.45 miles and was extremely hot, sweaty, and craving an iced coffee when I finished! I headed over to Strong Hearts Cafe  to grab and iced latte made with almond milk. They used to offer only soy as an option but if I wanted a soy latte induced belly ache I could just go to Starbucks. Almond milk is much easier on my GI system! Oh, another plus? Their coffee is organic, fair trade, and locally roasted! Love that.

After being sufficiently caffeinated, I went to Wegmans where I picked up a cold bottle of water, some honey roasted pecans to snack on, and a pint of Almond Dream chocolate ice cream, on sale for $2.99! Seriously people, can you tell I love sales? Until they decide to make the healthy foods cheap and the processed junk expensive I will be scoping out the sales. Oh, and I’ll also be scoping out shoe sales!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you get bored with your running locations? Have you gotten any really great deals lately?


2 responses to “Green Lakes State Park

  1. I get so bored with my running route. Im always trying to switch it up without getting lost 🙂

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